Learn more about health statistics in the Arab region

06 Jun 2017
  • Learn more about health statistics in the Arab region

A new thematic topic and dataset added to ADP


Health is one of the main pillars of development. Societies that suffer from diseases and epidemics cannot progress far in the development process. Humanity has achieved remarkable progress in health as a result of technological innovations and human ingenuity. The Arab region did not lag behind the rest of the world and has made clear progress in several health and health-related outcomes. 


The Arab Development Portal now offers a stand-alone thematic page on “Health”, which encloses an overview on health status in the Arab region, latest publications and key resources.


The users can now access 207 indicators and 1,911 data points on health in Arab countries offering data from the year 2000 onward.


The health dataset includes statistics published by national statistical offices and respective ministries.


The dataset covers different topics, namely health infrastructure, health workforce, health density, admission in hospital, family planning, common diseases, out-patients’ attendance, health revenues and expenditures, women health, vaccination, children nutrition, health insurance coverage, and tobacco consumption.


The ADP health dataset hosts latest available data published by the official national sources in each country. In particular, the dataset provides statistics on the above-mentioned topics covering all Arab countries, except for Comoros and Somalia, as there were no available data published by national official sources in these two countries. The availability and timeliness of data varies from country to country. While latest data for Egypt, Jordan, Oman, Palestine, Saudi Arabia and Sudan date to 2015, this is not the case of other countries, who have not published data beyond 2014, 2011, 2010 or even 2009. Additionally, the published data is irregular. Only UAE and Egypt has maintained publishing a complete time series since 2000. 


You can now check the full overview on health in the Arab region here and visualize and export health data. For insights on health in the Arab region, check Ahmed Rashad 3 blog entries here.

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